Sprouts haul!

Sprouts haul!

First off, I’d like to just note that I recently began working at Sprouts. It’s been a little hectic and very overwhelming, but I’m finally starting to feel more comfortable in my role. Since I love doing hauls and I need to force myself to be a little more accountable for my spending, I’ve decided that I’ll continue to post them on Instagram, but give a little more detail here!

Sprouts Team Members receive a 15% discount and we are also able to access special coupons through the mobile app. Because this is a haul I did, I’m including both in my total. And, of course, the items I’ve purchased are bought with my own money. I am in no way being compensated by Sprouts for any hauls.

Pre-discount/coupon total: $72.01

Out of pocket total: $46.45

Final total: $32.26

Total savings: $39.75 (55.2%)

My out of pocket total was $46.45 including all coupons and my Work Perks (team member discount). Ibotta discounts totaled $12.80 and I used my American Express card for 3% cash back on groceries, which brings my total down to $32.26.

Rhythm Superfoods Organic Sea Salt carrot sticks: $3.49 – $.50 Ibotta rebate = $2.99

Barney Butter individual packet of crunchy almond butter: $.99 – $.99 Sprouts mobile app coupon = free

Goodbelly almond butter bar: $1.94 – $1.94 Sprouts mobile app coupon = free

BOS Rooibos iced tea: $1.79 – $1.80 Ibotta rebate = -$.01

2 bags Rhythm Superfoods kale chips: $5.98 – $2.00 Ibotta rebate = $3.98

Flow water: $1.00

Barbara’s Puffins cereal: $3.99 – $1.00 Ibotta rebate = $2.99 (also qualifies for Ibotta Non-GMO bonus)

Kind bar: $.99

Que Pasa tortilla chips: $3.99 – $1.00 Ibotta rebate = $2.99

2 bags Dang coconut chips: $7.98 – $3.99 Sprouts mobile app coupon – $2.00 Ibotta rebate = $1.99

Strawberry cream Skyr: $1.59 – $1.59 Team Member exclusive Sprouts mobile app coupon = free

Chameleon cold brew concentrate: $8.99

2 tubs Lantana sriracha carrot hummus: $9.98 – $2.00 Ibotta rebate = $7.98

2 tubs Better Bean Uncanny Refried Black Beans: $9.98 – $9.98 Sprouts mobile app coupons = free

(Note: One coupon was a Team Member exclusive Sprouts mobile app coupon. The other was “buy 2 bags Garden of Eatin chips, get Better Beans free.”)

2 bags Garden of Eatin tortilla chips: $9.58 (see note above)

In addition to the above listed rebates, I also hit the October Level 1 bonus ($.50) and the “Easy Earnings” $2 bonus, which bumped my Ibotta earnings up to $12.80 total.

I have been on a mission to overstock my pantry and freezer so I can begin to slow down on buying groceries, but to be honest, it’s been difficult. Since I’m part of a brand new, very busy store, we’ve been racking up a lot of overtime and I haven’t really had the opportunity to cook. I usually wind up snacking or making the easiest thing that can pass for a meal, which isn’t the best for my budget! Oh well, there’s always next time!

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