I began this blog in November 2017 because I missed blogging. I’ve been on Livejournal, Deadjournal, Myspace, Facebook, WordPress, and probably 4 more in between. I stopped blogging because of some personal crises and the money I was spending on domain and hosting renewals was better spent on silly things like rent and transportation to work.

Working in food service management is starting to rot my brain. I was getting very rusty with writing and I felt like all communication skills were slipping out of my brain. Additionally, I visited beautiful Denver, Colorado over the summer and want to return on a permanent basis. Like, yesterday. (Hence the title of my website, 215to303.com.) I guess I’m starting this in part because a) I used to love to blog and I need to strengthen my writing skills, and b) I’m hoping that putting everything out there publicly will shame me into getting all my crap together and making the move. I’ve done a lot of impulsive things and have had a lot of wacky ideas, but this is probably the biggest semi-attainable thing I’ve set out to accomplish. I’d love to move by the end of the summer 2018, but I’m okay with pushing it off until 2019.

I have “joked” with people online that, here in Philly, we’re an “aggressive” people. Don’t get me wrong, that’s one of the good things about Philadelphia. We’re scrappy blue collar underdogs with huge chips on our shoulders, and there’s something endearing about that, but it wears on you after awhile. After living in this area my whole life, I was floored to encounter so many nice people in Denver. I took the bus down Colfax back to my hotel room (thanks to a day of way too much walking in wedge sandals) while juggling multiple tote bags and a box of Voodoo Donuts. People started tugging on my arms to offer me a seat on the bus. I, being an angry Philadelphian, shot glares and thought to myself “WHAT IS YOUR ANGLE, BRO?” before I realized that people saw I was struggling with a ton of stuff in my arms, and were offering me a place to sit. I had people stop me while I was walking to toss compliments at me — actual compliments, not creepy, leering “HEY GIRL YOU LOOK GOOD” street harassment style garbage — and I found everyone I met to be friendly and pleasant.

I loved the mish mosh of big city, small town, distinct neighborhoods, and suburban feel. Barely having to use an asthma inhaler and barely sweating while walking around in 90 degree heat were huge perks, as well. Basically, I fell in love with you, Denver.

As for the point of this blog, I wanted to just do something fun. Post a lot of cute cat pics, craft projects, loose recipes, mindless consumerism, and just kind of do that lifestyle blog type of thing. I don’t plan on getting super political on this (that’s what Facebook and every other form of social media I have is for), but who knows. Maybe that will change as the state of US politics continues to decline (oops! couldn’t keep my own word in my intro. #sorrynotsorry).